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I miss you @xxxibgdrgn 😩
오직 너 하나만을 사랑해
@xxxibgdrgn schedule changed so i just got home , but when i left earlier i forgot my phone , but i could not go back Coz i was gonna be late, so now im tryna update meself for my heart's sake 😆😄😅😉😘😍💖💓
imissumydearJiYong @xxxibgdrgn be safe, sleep well, eat healthy. See u soon! G'nyt! 💋💗🙌💕💘🙏💖💓
@mellse__ You're welcome✌️💕
@naluyako Thank youu so much💕
@mellse__ 冷静と情熱のあいだ (Reisei to Jōnetsu no Aida [directed by Isamu Nakae and starring by Yutaka Takenouchi and Kelly Chen] and lit. in english, the title is "Between calmness and passion") 😄
@naluyako What is this this movie's name?
@limitedpeacetokki what's the meaning??
OST 정말 예술이죠!!😎👍
제 목소리 들려요오오오오오오?? 항상 응원하고있는 제 목소리 들려요오오오오오오??? 울 지용오빠 항상 행복하시라고 매일 같이 응원하고있는 제 목소리 들려오오오오오오??? 저는 지용오빠가 있어서 너무 행복해요오오오오~ 이건 진심이에요❣💕히힣💝제게 선물같은 지용오빠 무지 사랑해요~ 오늘도 파이팅이에요오오오오💕💕💕
hay. kak semoga bahagia selalu😍
오빠의 한결같은 취향과 나의 한결같은 클리셰 집합체인 오빠 내 평생 일순위 내 위의 가치
miss u
🌼She came to Seoul 🌼
Thank you for sharing this movie, G-Dragon @xxxibgdrgn ! ^____^ 🙏 I just looked at it again and it's still passionate to look at ✨👌✨ Good film with a beautiful script that I also recommend to those who have not seen it yet 😸✌️
Missing you